From a single family office
to a Niche Investment Company

From a single family office to a Niche Investment Company


More than 15 years of “boots on ground” experience on ICT and Digital with a long term financial and industrial view on small and midium-sized companies already listed or in their process of listing

Start ups, restructuring of medium-sized companies, IPOs, “buy and build” and Private Equity operations, both in Italy and in other European countries are some of the “boots on ground” experience gained by T.Tank over 15 years of experience in the ICT and Digital sector.
An hybrid of financial and industrial skills during the different phases of the company’s life cycle, that today represents the basis on which T.Tank intends to develop its competitive advantage in approaching the investment market. Beyond specific tactical activities, the vision is long-term with a strong focus on companies and their industrial fundamentals.

Small and medium-sized companies listed or in their process of listing are preferred, while remaining open to selected majority investments in small companies in their early stages of evolution, possibly with “buy and build” plans and with an IPO as an end goal. The segment is not well covered by traditional financial operators, which usually lack specific industrial skills. There is, anyhow, a significant number of healthy companies which, if supported financially and industrially, can grow rapidly and increase their value.”


Basically, T.Tank’s investment activity can be traced back to three macro-areas which are, not only synergistic with each other, but also represent three complementary pieces of a single long-term sustainable vision



Long-term selected investments in public and private companies in different stages of development



Mid-term investments in Private and Public Equity with a strong influence on, or knowledge of the management team of the target company



Short-term opportunistic investments both on Equity and Debt with the goal of generating short-term cash flows to support the overall strategy

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